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Caring for slaughter turkeys flocks

Our task, in cooperation with breeders, is to achieve constant, repeatable high weight parameters, low feed consumption and the lowest percentage of falls in each production cycle.

The specificity of turkey broiler production includes a long fattening period, therefore the greatest emphasis is placed on the prevention of respiratory and locomotor system diseases. We achieve these goals through the implementation of individually adapted mineral and vitamin programs or the use of herbal extracts and phytobiotics. An extremely important element of our activities are also preventive vaccinations, including autovaccines, which are produced on the basis of pathogens isolated from birds on a given farm.

Caring for chicken broiler flocks

The idea of keeping flocks of broiler chickens is extremely simple - high weight, low feed consumption, minimum mortality and the highest quality of carcass and soles of birds. We achieve these goals due to frequent visits to farms, immediate responses to reports, meticulous diagnosis of farm problems, and the analysis and elimination of pathogens. Constant monitoring of each flock allows us to implement the most accurate program of supplementation and preventive vaccinations, as well as allows us to make quick and accurate decisions regarding the use of therapy.

Close cooperation with our customers and archiving of the final parameters from each cycle allows you to immediately reduce any emerging threats to animal health and increase the production outcome.

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Caring for waterfowl flocks

Seasonal breeding of geese requires special attention in terms of biosecurity, production technology, flock management, bird nutrition and disease prevention. Our specialists help breeders develop a farm disinfection program, adjust proper feeding parameters, improve microclimate conditions in the facilities and protect the flock against any diseases. Thanks to close cooperation with breeders and immediate interventions for bird health disorders, our breeders achieve high production results in their flocks.

Caring for hens flocks

In the care of commercial flocks, we put special emphasis on adjusting the individual preventive vaccination program and the use of phytobiotics that increase the health status of birds. Current laboratory tests allow us to constantly monitor the health of the herd, thus preventing the occurrence of diseases and increasing production efficiency. Thanks to vaccinations and innovative methods of protection, we protect birds against Salmonella bacteria, we maintain high egg production, limit damage to egg shells and reduce the symptoms of cannibalism among birds.

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