comprehensive veterinary

service for

poultry farms

How do we work?

Aprofessional approach to our work is carried out in a number of different assumptions

Our veterinary surgeons are located in the central register of specialists conducted by QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH.

They have the required certificates, due to which they perform veterinary supervision over the working entities in the QS quality system

1. Biosecurity for poultry farms

  • We provide comprehensive advice, establish a biosecurity program and help to properly carry out disinfection, disinsection and pest control treatments in breeding facilities.
  • We conduct analyzes and adjust the appropriate water and air parameters for poultry
  • We help to implement farm protection systems against transmission of infectious agents
  • Our experts help to find and eliminate troubling farm problems

2. Poultry production management

  • We help to adjust parameters of animal science in breeding facilities
  • We monitor the level of harmful gases on farms
  • We provide devices that remove pollutants and biofilm from the watering line
  • We provide tools that improve the microclimate and the quality of bedding in facilities

3. Laboratory diagnosis

  • We run routine monitoring of the health of birds through microbiological, mycological, parasitic, serological and molecular tests
  • We evaluate the risk and severity of coccidiosis in birds by microscopic examination of the number of oocysts in the faeces and macroscopic evaluation of changes in the course of the bird's intestines
  • We provide full monitoring of day-old chicks with the archiving of blood serum in each production cycle
  • In particular cases, we extend the scope of research to include additional histopathological analysis of the collected bird tissues
  • We coordinate and interpret additional tests of: feed, water, bedding, cleanliness tests taken from the facility

4. Prophylaxis of slaughter poultry flocks

  • We develop individual preventive vaccination programs based on the current area threat We work based on autovaccines developed individually for each farm from the pathogens isolated from subsequent flocks of birds
  • We perform injection and aerosol vaccinations and run applications in water
  • We implement mineral and vitamin prophylaxis that covers the needs of intensive development and growth of birds
  • We provide advanced protection of the health of birds due to concentrated plant extracts and innovative phytobiotics
  • We use ongoing disinfection in the course of the production cycle, thus eliminating the risk of infectious agents
  • We rely on natural products that stimulate bird immunity and protect against viral infections

5. Intervention activities

  • We fight infectious diseases occurring in the flock using targeted antibiotic therapy with the use of the most effective pharmacological agents
  • We eliminate metabolic diseases of birds due to specialized preparations supporting the activation and regeneration of the animal organism
  • We use convalescent preparations that allow the flock to return to their physiological status and high productivity after a long-term illness
  • We implement the principles of rational use of antibiotics, focusing our activities on the use of nonantibiotic therapies, regularly reducing the amount of antibiotics used in poultry production.

6. Data archiving and documentation

  • The database of production cycles of each producer allows us to long-term analysis of the final results obtained and to eliminate critical points in breeding.
  • We maintain the required documentation of trading in veterinary medicinal products, complying with all legal requirements and procedures.

Cooperation with us

If you have any questions or would like to cooperate – please contact us Our team is at your disposal.

Our address

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